Upgraded Coffee at Cowork Waldo

IMAG0133The smell of fresh-roasted coffee and motivation is in the air at Cowork Waldo!

We’re so excited to offer Vega Coffee to our members. What makes this coffee so special? Not only is it great coffee, it also aligns with our values. Vega Coffee is freshly roasted coffee directly from the farmers who grow it.

Vega Coffee is built on direct connections, connections between the coffee farmer who lovingly grows the bean, straight to the coffee consumer. According to Vega, coffee farmers have historically lacked direct access to their markets and have had to rely on “middlemen” to sell their coffee. Because of this, coffee drinkers and lovers often pay a high premium for the coffee, and really have no connection to those who grew their coffee in the first place.

Vega Coffee bridges that gap. Their farmers take on more of the value chain, so they earn more as a result. The consumer then pays less because Vega’s coffee goes through less hands. Meanwhile, more of those dollars go directly to the farmers and cooperatives that spend years caring for the coffee. The result is a high quality, organic, Fair Trade coffee, that provides a sustainable wage to the farmers who grow it.

Find out more about this amazing company, Vega Coffee, and their farmers, coffee, and more at www.vegacoffee.com.


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