Second Session Of Cotivation at Cowork Waldo

Get Focused, Stay Motivated With Cotivation at Cowork Waldocotivation logo 2

Focusing on goals and becoming more productive is what we all strive for, whether a freelancer, an entrepreneur, an employee for a company, or a busy mom! If you find yourself struggling with realizing your goals, Cotivation may be just the answer.

Cotivation is a 5-week series of weekly gatherings designed specifically to help you set goals, stay motivated and get things done. Part accountability group and part support team, Cotivation is a program for members of Cowork Waldo designed to help you go from “I will” to “I did”.

Our next series begins Friday, October 2. It’s time to stop thinking about getting things done, and start getting things done!

Interested in joining other Cowork Waldo members at our next Cotivation group? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.


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