New Month, New Artist at Cowork Waldo

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Photographer Don James Shares His Work With Us

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and Photographer Don James’ photographs have a lot to say. Filled with interesting perspectives and stunning visuals, these photos are the latest artwork to be displayed at Cowork Waldo. And if some of them look a little familiar, they should! Many of the photographs were taken in and around the Kansas City area.

Don’s love of photography started early. According to him, “When I was in Jr. High, my dad let me use my grandfather’s 1957 Argus C-3 camera. I remember shooting rolls and rolls of film, capturing everything I could bring into my viewfinder. It was never a conscious goal, but I always viewed my surroundings in a slightly different perspective through the lens; an angle or a point of view that was never quite what you would see as a casual observer. Over the years the tools that I used changed, but I still continue to capture the world around me.”

Meet Don James and see some of his beautiful photography at our Artist’s Reception on Friday, April 8 from 6-9 pm. His work will be displayed at Cowork Waldo through the middle of April.

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