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Meeting Rooms: How to Utilize Them

Our facility is not just a place to work during the day — we are so much more than that. If you are looking for a space to conduct business meetings and conferences, look no further than Cowork Waldo.

Large Meeting Room – $25/hour

Cowork Waldo Large Meeting RoomNeed to facilitate a meeting of up to twelve people? Our large meeting room is a spacious area with all the creature comforts of a traditional office space. You and your associates can comfortably gather around our long, conference-style table, where there is room to converse and draft up ideas. And remember that just because you’re in a coworking space, doesn’t mean you can’t be hospitable. At Cowork Waldo, our kitchen is your kitchen. So, go ahead, and put on a pot of coffee or kettle of tea.

The amenities don’t end here, though. For added convenience, we provide a large, wall mounted flat screen TV. Have a PowerPoint? That’s not a problem. Simply hook your computer up to the TV, so everyone in the conference room can enjoy your presentation or download it from the internet. Today, we live in a very visual era. So, for an even more enhanced visual experience, make sure to utilize our handy whiteboards. Here, you can write, illustrate, and post additional information.

Want more information about the amenities of the meeting room, check out our pricing page.

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