KCSourceLink is Coming Back to Cowork Waldo

kc-sourcelinkThis fall, KCSourceLink continues its KC road tour to help better serve entrepreneurs and business owners in all parts of the metro area. KCSourceLink staff will office out of different Resource Partner locations every Tuesday afternoon to better serve each geographic area, and once again they will be coming to Cowork Waldo!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 29, 2016, and meet with KCSourceLink’s Network Builder anytime from 1-4 pm at Cowork Waldo.

“We talk to entrepreneurs all day long via our hotline, but it’s different being able to meet them, face-to-face, in their neighborhoods,” said Jenny Miller, KCSourceLink network builder. “Technically, we’re meeting with entrepreneurs one-on-one, but because we’re giving them insight and access to KC’s entrepreneurial network of 240+ Resource Partners, it’s almost like these business owners who attend our office hours are getting a personal counseling session with 240+ experts.”

Office hours will be from 1-4 p.m. with no appointments necessary. KCSourceLink staff will meet with business owners, assess their needs and make referrals to the appropriate resources in the KCSourceLink network. Each person will leave with an action plan tailored to their individual situation. The network is made up of nonprofit, government and educational organizations whose services are typically low or no cost. The initial meet with KCSourceLink staff is free.

This outreach is in addition to the referral services KCSourceLink provides through the hotline, 816.235.6500, and through their website, www.kcsourcelink.com.

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