KC’s PopUp CoWorking Events

Thanks to Cowork Waldo member, Shawn Hansen, for this great Guest Post. Take it away, Shawn…

kc popup coworking kc bier companyTired of the solitary freelancer life, cruising your favorite coffee shops day after day where your best friends are the servers and cashiers? You’ve heard about these coworking spaces around Kansas City, but you’re not sure about committing to a full-on coworking experience?

Why not drop by one of the upcoming KC PopUp CoWorking Community events and get a feel for what coworking is like? While at a basic level, we meet somewhere and work for a couple of hours, the value-added benefits of attending are the opportunities to meet new people and learn about what they’re doing while also sharing the things that you’re doing. You never know when synergy will strike. Maybe you know someone or are doing something that is just the thing that can help one of the other coworkers, or vice versa. That’s hard to come by in a coffee shop.

Personally, I had done the coffee shop tours, and while that was OK and beat sitting around the house, I wanted to be a part of a more dynamic environment and meet like-minded people. I attended a couple of these popup events to find out who these coworkers were. Would it be a fit for me? Turns out, it was a great fit. It also turned out that the woman who organized these events, Melissa Saubers, is the owner of the Cowork Waldo coworking space. I became a member shortly thereafter. Now, there is no pressure to join at these events – that was a decision I came to on my own. I realized that I wanted to be a part of that type of dynamic environment on a regular basis, so joining made sense for me.

The next popup event is going to be held at The District Pour House and Kitchen (7122 Wornall, KCMO) on Monday, August 31, from 4-6pm. You can just show up, or you can RSVP on the KC PopUp CoWorking Community Meetup page. By joining the MeetUp group, you’ll be notified of all the upcoming KC PopUp CoWorking events.

So come on out and give it a try – we look forward to seeing you next week!

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