Coworker Spotlight – Tim Vandehey

Tim VandeheySay hello to Tim Vandehey, our Cowork Waldo Member in the spotlight!

To call Tim a writer or an author just wouldn’t be sufficient. You see, Tim is a Ghostwriter and a very successful one at that. Having been a freelance writer since 1995, Tim added ghostwriting to his resume in 2004. He has a knack for penning successful nonfiction books, and he is well-known professionally for his sense of humor AND his big pores. Ok, maybe just his sense of humor!

This self-described “screaming baseball fan” can’t live without his Sirius/XM, and will listen to baseball any chance he can get. His personal interests and passions go well beyond the Boys of Summer and are as varied as being a dad, music, travel, wellness, progressive politics, and civil online discourse.

Tim chose coworking because being a writer can sometimes be isolating and he enjoys an environment where he’s around other people. He also really likes the snacks at Cowork Waldo (hmm, we are sensing a theme with our Members).

When he is not crafting the next nonfiction bestseller, Tim would rather be sailing. Hailing from California, he is an experienced sailor…though that makes it a bit difficult in our landlocked state. But that doesn’t bother Tim too much. He’s still holding out hope that climate change will someday make his dream of waterfront property in Waldo a reality!

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