Coworker Spotlight – Sylvia Hall

SylviaHallMeet Sylvia Hall, this week’s Cowork Waldo Spotlight. Sylvia works for herself and has been a Life Coach and Workshop leader for the past 1 ½ years.

Offering fresh and fierce inspiration to her clients, Sylvia uses her one-on-one coaching skills to help them turn goals & dreams into projects & reality. She also utilizes her workshops to empower groups to increase their enjoyment AND impact in their lives. To garner her own inspiration, she cannot live without her podcast app, which provides her with copious amounts of knowledge & insight right at her fingertips.

Besides helping people realize their potential, Sylvia is also passionate about the city in which she lives, Kansas City. She loves all things KC, including its culture, food, business, art, coffee and beer. She feels strongly that Kansas City now must concentrate on bringing its schools up to par with the rest of the incredible offerings here. Living in the Brookside/Waldo area, she is excited to see the reopening of Hale Cook Elementary where her son now attends (and her daughter will next year). She believes that the city needs to concentrate on creating a thriving school district and continues to vocalize about this important issue.

Sylvia chose Cowork Waldo and coworking because there was always something calling her away at home, whether it was a sink full of dirty dishes or endless laundry. Being able to get away to a place where she can concentrate on the work that matters to her, has been just what, well, she would recommend!

You can join Sylvia at Cotivation, a free series of workshops on staying motivated/accomplishing your goals, beginning the end of September. Come out for some fresh & fierce inspiration!

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