Coworker Spotlight – Shawn Hansen

Meet Shawn Hansen, our Cowork Waldo Member of the week!Shawn Hansen

Though he calls himself a freelance technical writer, don’t let that term fool you into attaching any kind of label on him. This enterprising spirit just might surprise you.

Earning his degree in Electrical Engineering, Shawn worked as an engineer and then moved into the IT world in the early 90’s. Over the years, he developed an impressive skill set as he learned everything he could about computers and software. From being the go-to “techie guy”, to an IT consultant, to IT Director, Shawn’s expertise went beyond the pure technical knowledge of computers to include customer relations, business skills, and project management. That all changed in 2014.

Passionate about personal reinvention and travel, Shawn decided to take an extraordinary step and left the corporate tech world for adventure. He packed up is bags and headed south to Brazil, to teach English for 6 months. Afterward, using his technical background, he branched out to freelance technical writing and began traveling in South America.

Shawn soon realized while working out of his apartment & in various coffee shops around Buenos Aires, that the “loner” type of work style wasn’t a great fit for him. Upon returning to Kansas City, he checked our several coworking spots and soon realized the camaraderie of others doing similar things was exactly what he needed. He’s met great people with interesting stories, and meeting and learning from them has allowed him to gain greater insight in his own journey of life.

Shawn has a daughter who is close to graduating from college, and he is excited to continue to share with her that anything is possible in life, and that she is ultimately in control of her own destiny & happiness (and maybe even come with him on a 6 month trip to somewhere!). Though he’s currently enjoying working on the beaches of Cozumel for the next couple of months, the next time Shawn is in town, be sure to stop by and meet him. He’d love to talk to you about some of his adventures, and listen to some of your own!

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