Coworker Spotlight – Michelle Rohlf

michelle-rohlfWe’d like you to meet Michelle Rohlf, our Cowork Waldo Member in the Spotlight!

If you have stepped into Cowork Waldo to work for the day or to meet with clients, chances are good that you have met Michelle. As part of the Cowork Waldo Crew, Michelle’s is one of the first smiling faces to greet you. Joining Melissa Saubers as a part-time Account Manager for her marketing clients, it was a natural progression to follow when Melissa opened Cowork Waldo in 2013.

Michelle’s past professional experience in financial PR helped develop her ability to take on big projects without complaint, and she is known to be very thorough in every job she tackles. She has a knack for staying calm and organized in even the most stressful situations and is ready to help clients and members alike when needed.

Michelle chose coworking and Cowork Waldo because, as she puts it, “Cowork Waldo chose me!” This busy mom of two loves the flexibility working at Cowork Waldo provides in her life, not to mention the fun atmosphere. Being close to school and home is convenient, and loves that it gives her a great reason to get up and get dressed in the morning (how many of us at-home or former at-home parents can relate to that)!

She cannot live without her favorite app GrooveBook. She loves that it reminds her to upload photos from her phone every month and then sends her a cute photo book that her kids enjoy flipping through, not to mention the pics don’t get lost in cyberspace that way.

Michelle loves a lot of things – she seriously would pack up and move to Napa if given the chance. But tops in her book is definitely her family, which includes her hard-working husband Jason and their two kids, and spending as much time as she can with them. In her own words, “My house is dirty but my kids are happy.”

Say hi to Michelle the next time you are in Cowork Waldo, if she doesn’t say hi first. Then be sure to ask her to tell you about the very best sandwich she ever tried. Hint: it was outside the Pantheon…yes, the one in Rome!

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