Coworker Spotlight – Joe Saubers

Rn0uGzHUZ4kcLNzfEagM23PorPY7o3yKZ5Qdu8VFMqISay hello to Joe Saubers. An honest roofing contractor, Joe has owned Brookside Roofing since 1998. Choosing Cowork Waldo was a bit of a no-brainer for Joe since he is married to our fearless leader, Melissa. But Joe says he likes CW because it’s conveniently located in the heart of Waldo – a neighborhood he loves. Joe especially likes the conference and meeting space, where he is able to meet his bookkeeper and business vendors. It’s also handy for Joe as it is close to Brookside Roofing’s storage garage.

One of our most boisterous coworkers, Joe tells it like it is. He loves rooting for his home teams and doesn’t mind expressing his opinions. You sure liven the place up, Joe! Thank you for coworking with us.

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