Coworker Spotlight – Jodi Creasap Gee

Jodi Creasap Gee (2)Springtime in Kansas City is a beautiful sight with all the flowering plants. And if you have ever wondered about this amazing world of flowers and plants, then you definitely need to talk to Jodi Creasap Gee, our Cowork Waldo Member in the Spotlight.

Jodi knows a thing or two about plants, as she is an Education Technology Coordinator for the Botanical Society of America, located near the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO. Prior to working for the BSA, she spent 8 years in viticulture (that’s right, in the grape growing & wine making industry).

Her passion has always been science education and outreach, and she feels strongly about the importance of educating the general public on all science-related matters. She shared that she has been called the “nerdiest nerd who ever nerded” by a dear friend of hers, but that didn’t bother her one bit. Educating folks about science is what matters to her!

Jodi chose coworking to be able to get out of the house and get “away from the guilt of being home all day and yet not getting any chores done”, as working from home can certainly do! She also enjoys having the chance to talk to people rather than her furry friends at home all day.

Still new to the Kansas City area, Jodi relies on her Google Maps to get her around town. She enjoys getting outside when she can, and would love to take a walk around Waldo on the Trolley Trail at lunchtime with any of her Cowork Waldo coworkers! Welcome to Jodi!


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