Coworker Spotlight – Brian Welde

Brian Welde (2)We’d like for you to meet Brian Welde, this week’s Cowork Waldo Coworker Spotlight. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Wondering where to find the best rivers to kayak on, or where to find great fishing spots or hunting land? Brian is in the know.

Working with location-based data and digital maps, Brian is a Geospatial Consultant. Not only did he build the first seamless nationwide interactive fishing map, but he also has the authoritative map of nationwide hunting land. All of this outdoor recreation map info is leased to outside companies who sell apps in the outdoor arena. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped him develop a knack for figuring out gaps in the marketplace and coming up with great ideas that can sell, and he is always looking for new ideas and opportunities.

Brian chose coworking and Cowork Waldo because, as he puts it, he just functions better going into an office, where he doesn’t get distracted by all the things at home (we all can relate to that!).

When he isn’t working, he would definitely rather be fishing. A favorite for Brian is floating rivers in a kayak chasing smallmouth bass. Now that’s what we call living the life!

We are happy to have Brian as part of our Cowork Waldo community!

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