Coworker Spotlight – Andrew Pritzker

Meet Andrew Pritzker, our Cowork Waldo Member in the Spotlight.Andrew P

Lights, Camera, Action! Andrew is the creative force behind Qikfinger Films, LLC, a production company he began in 2012. And he certainly knows his way around the film industry. Over the span of his career, he has worked as a screenwriter, filmmaker, script doctor, film professor, copywriter, and consultant!

Professionally, Andrew is proud to be known for his great posture. Wait, did we mention he’s also known for his witty sense of humor?? One of his favorite aspects of filmmaking is the ability to work with creative people, others who are able to think outside the box, brave and dedicated in their thinking and doing. His must-have apps include FCPX, a desktop film studio, and MetaMoji Note, great for notes, layouts & art.

Andrew was drawn to coworking for all the free candy that we offer at Cowork Waldo (really, who doesn’t enjoy a sour apple Jolly Rancher to help stay motivated?). Of course, he also appreciates the comfortable, open space where he is able to relax and think.

Be sure to say hi to Andrew the next time you are at Cowork Waldo. And if he’s not too busy, he might even share a few good posture tips with you!

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