Cowork Waldo Artist Creates Natural World Like a Dream


"Tomato Worm"

“Tomato Worm”
















Cowork Waldo’s walls are going buggy…in the most beautiful way!

Our newest collection of artwork, from Tennessee artist Cassandra (Cassie) Griffith, is a series based on insects created with watercolor, ink, and collage. Born in Ohio, Cassie graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2010. She is currently living in East Tennessee, where her passion for hiking the Great Smoky Mountains provides ample amounts of inspiration and awe.

Her Artist’s Statement, in part, states:

“Largely influenced by the natural world, her artwork takes on a dreamy quality when combined with her love of folklore and myth. She has separated her work into two bodies; the Natural and the Supernatural. While both worlds influence each other, each is rooted its own mythos.

Her current body of work was inspired by the hot, muggy summers experienced working outdoors in East Tennessee. When the temperature rises in the Smokies, the mountains and surrounding valleys become home to thousands of different types of swarming,humming life forms. Impossible to ignore, the buzzing reverberates through the landscape magnifying the presence of often minuscule creatures hidden by the dense foliage. Her work seeks to bring a visual vocalization to the sounds one can hear through the long summer months that is both vibrant and delicate, like the creatures depicted.”

Be sure to come to our Artist’s Reception to celebrate Cassie’s work on Saturday, January 28th, from 5-8 pm. To learn more about Cassie and her beautiful art, visit her website


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