lori.squareLast fall I saw a billboard for Cowork Waldo and immediately picked up the phone to inquire and earlier this year I became one of the first "designated desks" at Cowork.  As a business owner operating out of my home, I was searching for space.  Not just any space.  A space where I could meet with clients, collaborate with my co-workers, grow my business, be focused, and get energy from others.  I found it all at Cowork - this space is beautiful - light, airy, open and the owners are friendly, flexible and helpful.  The access to coffee, printing and artwork is a plus as well.  I highly recommend this space!

~ Lori

jennifer prusaI love the flexibility that working from home gives me, but walking into an office each day helps to refresh my outlook and invigorates me! I love the atmosphere and the people at Cowork Waldo. It’s a productive place where I connect with someone new every day.


susan stockingI had a FANTASTIC day at Cowork Waldo! The office is beautiful, the chairs comfortable, and the view is the best in the area. If you ever need an office away from the home office, this is the place to come!

~ Susan



Thank you so much for being understanding and generous in an uncertain time for me. It's really awesome what you've been able to accomplish with Cowork Waldo having such a great sense of community, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

~ Andrew

SylviaHallAs a work-from-homer, having a place like Cowork Waldo where I can meet my ‪#‎kansascity‬ clients in-person has been invaluable. What a vibe this place has too, btw! Swoon!



Our experience as a startup business using the resources at Cowork Waldo has been excellent. We've been able to grow as a company and expand our goals thanks to the support of Melissa, Beth and the entire Cowork Waldo community. This is the future, people!


Great place, wonderful people and nice quiet working environment.


I love this space! A power outage at home left me in need a place to make calls & handle remote training last minute. Cowork Waldo was perfect - bright & open space with private rooms so I didn't disturb others working. This may wind up being my office away from home. Thanks for the hospitality & port in the storm!

~ Rebecca

We utilized the large conference room for a meeting and it was great! Quiet place to focus and get work done. Thanks CoWork!

~ Charlie

Thanks so much for a successful event last week. Your space is so beautiful, and I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

~ Shannon