A Dedicated Desk is the Cure for the Work-From-Home Blues

img_5226Being a freelancer, telecommuter, entrepreneur, or small business owner who works from home certainly can have its advantages, from having the flexibility of where you spend your time working, to how you spend your time and with whom. Of course, it can have its share of disadvantages too.

You know that feeling.

You’re at home and have a conference call with an important client. Just as you get on the call, there’s a delivery at the front door and your dog starts barking.

Or there’s a load of laundry that is begging you to be folded and a sink full of dishes needing to be washed.

Or you just got all your stuff, including a laptop, spread out at the busy coffee shop and you realize you need to use the restroom, so you pack it all up again and lug it with you.

Or the kids are home for a holiday break or the summer.

Or you’ve had one too many conversations with your dog and are hoping he’s going to answer you back sometime soon.

At Cowork Waldo, we have heard your frustrated cries and have exactly the solution you need with our affordable Dedicated Desk membership.

With a Dedicated Desk at Cowork Waldo, you have a space to call your own, a desk to leave your computer, a filing cabinet to store files. Enjoy 24/7 access through our security-coded front door and unlimited booking access to both of our meeting rooms. We offer Google Fiber Internet wifi (along with hardwired access), printing/scanning/copying, as well as complimentary coffee and tea. Plus office support and some of the friendliest coworkers around!

At only $250 per month, the advantages of being a Cowork Waldo Dedicated Desk Member keep adding up. We also offer a value-minded 3-month prepayment price of $675/3 months (a 10% discount on the monthly fee).

Schedule your tour and trial day today and learn more about Cowork Waldo!

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